[PD] execute matlab using [shell] object

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Sep 20 18:54:42 CEST 2006


Gerda Strobl wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'd like to execute a matlab file using the shell object.
> The standard command I use ist
> /usr/local/matlab7/bin/./matlab -nodisplay -nosplah.
> Sending such a message to the shell object - I only get the info that
> the program starts on the pd-shell:
> STDOUT: < M A T L A B >
> STDOUT: Copyright 1984-2004 The MathWorks
> STDOUT: Inc.
> STDOUT: Version (R14)
> STDOUT: May 6
> STDOUT: 2004
> STDOUT: Warning: Duplicate directory name: /home/gerda/matlab.
> STDOUT: To get started
> STDOUT: type one of these: helpwin
> STDOUT: helpdesk
> STDOUT: or demo.
> STDOUT: For product information
> STDOUT: visit www.mathworks.com.
> STDOUT: >>
> DONE: 0
> but there is no chance, to send it more options (change dir, set a
> paramater). So nothing.
> Has someone done this already? (I know there is pdoctave, but octave is
> too slow).
> Or do iI treat the shell object in a wrong way? Or is it simply not

usually you use [shell] with a script that does everything by itself and
which does not take any arguments.

## run matlab from here and tell it immediately to execute a .m file
which reads in the matrix and does whatever it does and write it out to
another file
## do something with the outfile, so [iemmatrix] can handle it


then you just run this script via [shell].

the good thing about this is, that you can debug the script separately
from the integration into the patch.

> possible? (I'd like to recalculate a matrix in matlab and then write a
> *.mtx file  back to my pddirectory, in order to use it  wth the iematrix
> objects).
> Or do I give matlab the wrong commands?

i don't know which commands you are giving to matlab.

note however, that you cannot talk to the program started with [shell]
once it is running (e.g. via stdin); i guess you are trying to do
something like that.


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