[PD] midi synch strategy

patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Mon Sep 25 19:29:18 CEST 2006

  how did you try [midirealtimein]?
  from ableton live and using midiyoke
   or mappledriver 
   I get the midi clock numbers and even the pattern's beat numbers, let me try with cubaseSX...
   with sending a midiclock.
  I've got 252 and 0 with start, 242 and 2 with stop, 248 and 0 along the sequence.
   242 and 2 comes when I move the cubase's cursor position 
   The second outlet seems to be related to midi port.
  with sending a timecode:
  I've got 240 and 2 when I move the cubase's position' cursor,
   241 and 2 when sequence is started

martin.peach at sympatico.ca a écrit :  
> De: patco 
> Date: 2006/09/25 lun. PM 12:25:44 GMT-04:00
> À: pd-list at iem.at
> Objet: RE: [PD] midi synch strategy
> Hello, at least we can use [midirealtimein] for receiving midi clock messages,
>    from any host with using virtual midi into pure data even under windows.
>   The first outlet outputs the midiclock message (250, 248, 252),
>    and the second one outputs the beat value.

That's weird, for me both outputs are always 0 on winXP pd-0.39-2. 

MIDI cable
|              |
[0\            [0\

>    [midiout] doesn't work indeed with both winXP and linux using pd-0.39-2

It works for me on winXP.


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