[PD] Re: pyext objects don't show up in pure data canvas

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Wed Sep 27 10:20:09 CEST 2006

Hi Robin,
thanks for advocating my stuff. Please use the flext or pd lists for 
your questions so that other users can benefit from it too.
The disappearing objects stuff is a known issue when flext has been 
compiled for a different pd version as the one you are using. The best 
solution is to check out flext and py/pyext from the sf cvs and compile 
it yourself for the specific version. If you are under Windows or OSX 
you can also grab binaries from http://grrrr.org/ext/beta which should 
work with current pd versions.


Am 25.09.2006 um 16:49 schrieb Robin Price:

> Dear Thomas,
>    I've been using your pyext/py external for pd and although it works 
> fine (and is really useful to me) the black object square with the 
> text in for the pyext external doesn't show up, either in the example 
> patches or when i insert a new object and type pyext. is this a known 
> bug ?
> Cheers.
> P.S. I'm doing a PhD at the sonic arts research centre in belfast and 
> i'm bigging up the pyext and vasp tools to my fellow researchers. tres 
> useful

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