[PD] some macro ideas

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Oct 3 11:52:23 CEST 2006

ugur guney wrote:
> # Hi everybody,
> # This morning two ideas about macros which could make our lives easier has
> come to my mind.
> # 1) There are these objects, every time we create them, we add some
> messageboxes to control them. For example, [writesf¨~] with [open(, [save(
> and [stop messages( or [netsend] with [connect(, [disconnect(, [send(
> messages etc.
> # What if, these absolutely necessary messagebox's are created when we
> created these objects, so we do not have to look to their help patches 
> every time. 

well, after some time, you don't need to look at the help-patch to 
remember the [connect( message for [netsend]....

any you could always make an abstraction (gop) that does all this.

nevertheless it sounds like an interesting idea, though i don't see any 
way to solve the "absolutely necessary messages" problem: what is 
"absolutely necessary" (from the object developer's point of view, not 
from the user's)?
either all messages an object accepts are considered "necessary" (like 
[bang( [float $1( [stop( for [metro], or somebody has to sit down and 
declare a subset of the messages to be necessary.

i guess the simplest (and most flexible) way would be to have several 
paste-buffers with user-definable shortkeys (so that e.g. Ctrl-Shift-m 
could be tought to produce a [tgl] connected with a [metro])

> Or there could be a new type of abstractions, which includes these
> message boxes information, at the same level with them.
> # 2) For example, I have a patch witch uses a lot of abstractions. And 
> every
> time a send it to my friend, I forget to attach some of these abstractions,
> and it did'nt work on his/her computer. So, what if, there were a button,
> which changes every abstraction in the patch with a sub-window.

miller had plans to implement a "embed abstractions into patch" feature 
a while ago.
i don't know how far this has grown


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