[PD] mouseover interface?

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 4 09:54:12 CEST 2006

Kyle Klipowicz a écrit :
> You could use MouseState in the Cyclone library.  Send it bangs
> through a metro at your required sampling period, and then use a
> select object or moses to filter the data.
> ~Kyle
> On 10/3/06, x4v1 <freequencies at straddle3.net> wrote:
>> hola a totes,
>>  > im developing a 4 sample trigger with effects patx in pd.
>> Im using the ydegoyon's playlist as a sample selector, but im wondering
>> if there is any object/external that bangs different signals only with
>> the movement of the mouse (without any click)...

toxy/tot can capture messages sent to a patch, mouse motions,
  mouse clicks, menu closing ect...


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