[PD] send and receive broken?

Conor J Curran forward at forwind.net
Thu Oct 5 01:13:01 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

I made this patch a while back replicating the functionality of a
channel strip with some stereo aux sends etc. I was using a number of
send~ and receive~ tuples to maintain the signal flow between the buses.
Right now the send and receive appear not to be working. Some of the
couples do work but many of the subpatch to subpatch or subpatch to top
level patch won't respond. I have tested it and it is definitely
something wrong with my send~ and receive~. Does anyone have any idea as
to why this would be happening. And secondly should I be using send and
receive or is there something more efficient that I should be using. 

Best regards,

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