[PD] arduino - comport : baud 0 not valid

tim info at timvets.net
Mon Oct 9 05:41:02 CEST 2006


I wanted to do some testing on win XP with the firmata firmware and the 
pduino patch
The arduino worked fine several times before.
Not sure it has something to do with it but the arduino now appears on 
COM10 instead of a lower port number, like it did before.
Arduino programmer connects to it without problem so I can upload the 
But before, when the portnumber was lower, I could connect to it from pd 
pd/pduino now for example also connects to COM4, without any error 
message, although that's not where the arduino is.
I cannot choose which com port arduino appears on.
I try to open COM10, because that's where arduino programmer connects to 
arduino, as I can select in the Tools menu.
in pd I get:
comport open 10, baud 0 not valid (args: [portnum] [baud])

sending |baud 9600( to comport doesn't help
restarting computer doesn't help
connecting to different usb port doesn't change anything.

it's comport.dll from 

also tried removing/changing some registry keys (renamed COM10 to COM5, 
removed COM4)
after disconnecting and reconnecting the arduino, \Device\VCP0 REG_SZ 
COM10 appears again in regedit
how can I change COM10 to some lower port number?
(because I remeber when it worked it had lower port numbers, or is that 
superstition ?...)


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