[PD] arduino - comport : baud 0 not valid

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 9 07:27:53 CEST 2006

tim wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to do some testing on win XP with the firmata firmware and 
> the pduino patch
> The arduino worked fine several times before.
> Not sure it has something to do with it but the arduino now appears on 
> COM10 instead of a lower port number, like it did before.
> Arduino programmer connects to it without problem so I can upload the 
> firmware.
> But before, when the portnumber was lower, I could connect to it from 
> pd too.
> pd/pduino now for example also connects to COM4, without any error 
> message, although that's not where the arduino is.
> I cannot choose which com port arduino appears on.
> I try to open COM10, because that's where arduino programmer connects 
> to arduino, as I can select in the Tools menu.
> in pd I get:
> comport open 10, baud 0 not valid (args: [portnum] [baud])

Not sure because you have an older version of comport but it could be 
that COM10 is port 9 for your comport. Also it's telling you to create 
the comport with two arguments: try [comport 9 9600].
Better to use the version in cvs which lets you send a [devices( message 
to get a list of the actual serial ports. I can send you the dll if 
you're not into compiling.
> sending |baud 9600( to comport doesn't help
> restarting computer doesn't help
> connecting to different usb port doesn't change anything.
> it's comport.dll from 
> http://idmi.poly.edu/pdlab/Pd-0.39.2-extended-test5.exe
> also tried removing/changing some registry keys (renamed COM10 to 
> COM5, removed COM4)
> after disconnecting and reconnecting the arduino, \Device\VCP0 REG_SZ 
> COM10 appears again in regedit
> how can I change COM10 to some lower port number?
> (because I remeber when it worked it had lower port numbers, or is 
> that superstition ?...)
> thanks
> Tim
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