[PD] pd -> php

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Tue Oct 10 00:24:00 CEST 2006

Am 08.10.2006 um 05:18 schrieb Patco:

> Max Neupert a écrit :
>> merci patco,
>> i have a hard time to spot your modifications in the semi-human- 
>> readable php code without line breaks. could you paste it  
>> formatted or just the changes?
> Ah, I'm using an editor that displays correctly this PHP code:
> notepad++
> or KATE...
> The changes are only at the end of the file,
> it's the function test_osc_lib()
> it worked fine with a simple [dumpOSC 3333] and with the server  
> installed on the local machine.
>  I've disable the multi array code, for some reasons, but you could  
> give a try.
>  It would be better, I guess, to put this function in another php  
> file for separating the code, and use POST/GET variable or  
> something more secure for entering the adress and port...
> I forgot something, some PHP functions must be available on the  
> server like fsockopen() for opening a communication port.

okay, i found out that my mail client mail.app was to blame for this.  
it was displaying the text as if there was no attachment in the  
message. on the lists archive it's perfectly readable:



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