Davide Morelli info at davidemorelli.it
Wed Oct 11 18:03:46 CEST 2006

FAUST is not a dsp software in itself, it is an instrument descriptor above 
the actual dsp software, the same faust file can be compiled on every 
supported software, so in theory you can write a faust instrument and use it 
on pd, sc, max, csound etc...
Last year at SMC05 I saw Orlarey presenting FAUST and I offered to develop 
the pd bridge.
Sadly I had no time at all to keep my word... anyway here is FAUST homepage:
here you can download it


> Is anybody else working with FAUST?
> Right now all I have to go on is
> http://lac.zkm.de/2006/papers/lac2006_proceedings.pdf
> and a rather terse program that seems to want a .dsp file
> any help or pointers welcomed.

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