[PD] vst~ testing

lalo alfonso.santimone at tin.it
Thu Oct 12 09:06:18 CEST 2006

hi list,

doin' some vst~ tests..

many synths/fx seems to work good....

i've got problems with some vst/i

1. dbGlitch ( http://illformed.org/glitch/ )
the editor gui doesn't 	 show up

2. LiveSlice ( http://www.livelab.dk/liveslice.php )
doesn't record audio signals from its inputs

3. smartelectronix slifty, splonki and the other ones
( http://andreas.smartelectronix.com/index.php?nav=1 )
they don't work at all

4 .with any synth i've tryed the pitchbend message seems to behave wrong....

5. monophonic synths hang notes (something wrong in the note/noteoff 
mechanics in vst~ i guess)

try 4. and 5. with Asynth by smarteelctronix

1. 2. 3. maybe they are related to vst~ not supporting VstTimeInfo...is 
there a workaround?

is it possible to get midi output from vst~ ? to do midi oriented 
vst...seems no to me at present time



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