[PD] GridFlow 0.8.4 RELEASE!

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Oct 12 12:32:13 CEST 2006

Hi, here's the first release of GridFlow in 6 months! The most notable 
thing might be a new fix to try to support Ruby 1.8 again, because Ruby 
1.9 might be too complicated to install and/or support. However, there's a 
lot of other important features that I list below. I didn't list every 
object class that got added in it. Quite a few are Ltilib classes ported 
from C++ to Ruby to Pd by Heri Andria and myself at Ottawa University, but 
the list of them might be too long to put in an a ChangeLog of the usual 
size :)

Please write to me if you find any problems with those.



version 0.8.4 (2006.10.12):

  * resuming support for Ruby 1.8 !
  * added compatibility with more recent versions of Ruby 1.9
  * added compatibility with more recent versions of GCC 4.x
  * much more LTIlib support! (a few dozen more object classes)
  * [#camera]: improved
  * rblti supports ltilib 1.9.15 and gcc 4
  * new object classes: [route2], [#polygon_each_edge],
    [#polygon_moment], [#polygon_radial_map], [#polygon_comparator],
  * new float-only numops:   sin   cos   tanh   exp   log atan2
  * new float-only vecops: C.sin C.cos C.tanh C.exp C.log
  * [#fft] can do RGB (per channel)
  * can show added inlets/outlets at runtime.
  * can remove inlets/outlets at runtime (and erase them from screen).
  * much faster videodev !!!

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