[PD] in need of PDGOP.HTML

Florian Kuehnle flokuehnle at gmx.de
Fri Oct 13 03:07:49 CEST 2006



my name is florian - i live in berlin - i study sound - quite a  
newbie in pd - at the moment i mainly work on  patches that route  
sound randomly.

i would like to take another glance at the pdgop tutorial referred to  
as "PureData "Graph on parent" simple howtos", originallly located at  
last week access worked fine i think to remember, but last days i  
couldn't reach the page.

does anybody have the tutorial offline/backup on hd, and if, could  
you mail it to me?

thank you.


Florian Kuehnle
flokuehnle at gmx.de

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