[PD] Re: Crikey HID-based virtual keyboard 1.0 release

Luke Iannini (pd) lukexipd at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 10:39:41 CEST 2006

Sigh.  That explains the lack of response, I suppose?

On 10/12/06, Luke Iannini (pd) <lukexipd at gmail.com> wrote:
> After tireless beta testing by my in house team (which involved a
> thorough check, by me, to ensure that numbers did indeed come out of
> the outlets), I'm ready to release Crikey 1.0.  The name being a
> tribute to our late great friend Steve, Crikey is hopefully a solution
> to Pd's lack of MaxMSPish virtual keyboards.
> It also allows mouse-clicked key-doodling (though this is just a hack
> of slider rather than any HID magic).  Because of said hack, there
> seems to be an issue with the black keys not registering clicks.
> Anyone know what's going on here? (the clicks seem to go right through
> to the white keys below; the black keys work fine when isolated)
> To be implemented:
> - Keyboard-to-virtual-keyboard map saving - currently the keyboard
> must be programmed manually each time.  I just ran out of energy here,
> and I'm also unsure if HID will output the same "KEY_##" messages on
> each platform.  Hans can answer that I assume?
> - An expandable keyboard based on the configurable GOPing stuff that's
> been recently posted.  This will probably take a while.
> - I'm also going to merge the Velocity and Duration sliders following
> Frank's example (switching based on mouse or keyboard input), which
> will make room for the octave selector up top.  Again, ran out of
> energy.
> But it should be quite usable now in spite of those things.
> So, as I said, hopefully my kludges can be pointed out and
> improvements can be made!
> As a sidenote, I assume you've all seen this video by now:
> http://www.studioimaginaire.com/nat/maxtoolbox/box2.mov
> (via http://nat.imeem.com/blogs/areO4MEW)
> As you'll see browsing through Crikey, this would have been terribly,
> terribly helpful in obviating the tedium of object-connection! :)  I
> know DesireData has vastly improved keyboard
> navigation/wire-connectin', but not quite everything that MaxToolbox
> does.  Matheiu, is the rest of it somewhat easily doable for
> DesireData (such as one to many connections, left-to-right mapping,
> etc.)?
> Ok, I'm leaving now!  To much brain activated by all that patching, sorry : ).
> (oh yes, you'll need pd>39, zexy and of course hid)
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