[PD] and it's PR/Marketing, or those

Adrian nordbaer at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 16:28:16 CEST 2006

I'm sorry for this more like OT, it's just my thought about improving
PD and it's externals in another way.

I'm struggling ...

PD is one of the best tools for making people
learn/experiment/perform/interact digital/electronic art at it's best.
But where are the people that are PD's target. I'm trying to suggest
that PD should try to follow a Popper-alike way of developing. Make it
easy accessable for the people and use their input. Except if PD and
it's externals are purely egoistic developments, which i don't think
is the case ;)

The more people you can involve the more feedback/developer/help you
get in improving. I'm sorry for saying such things, as it is something
that is an actual idea of most of the people here, i'm not trying to
sell you for stupid.

Maybe i'm just frustrated about my own lack of skill. I was fascinated
about projects like pdp, gridflow and especially desiredata. But
installing them is a hell for me as a OS X user, and the least i wanna
do is search/install for all the necessary things.

Now just some suggestions (excuse me for being rude):

- Vastly improvement of the webcommunity, very important:
Except for a very good maillinglist there is no real source for a
community for pd on the net. The forum at hurleur.com is a joke, and
that the official site is deadland is just sad. Furthermore the site
needs to be ordered and probably hardly overworked, there is nothing
wrong in making it accesible to as many people as possible by runnig
it in plone, but is it nessecary? The people accesing the site now
will probably not need that the site is universible compatible with
every last browser on this earth and history, etc.

- Improvement in usability of PD & e(xternals):
Projects like the installers of iOhannes and desiredata are genial!
All externals should follow a path where they can make themself
accesible to the public with ease. It must be very frustrating to put
lot's of effort and time into something and then nobody wants it.

- And last, the documentation:
Order, Unifying, Improve

Please don't kill me for this mail. Lately i had a message in a
Fortune-Cookie saying that "i have a reputation for being very
straight forward and honest", i agree and want to follow that path.
This mail is not meant to flame or criticize, especially not the
developers. I bow down in front of the huge effort all of you put into
PD & e. I just think the way of opening and easy accessing the public
is the best way in proving that PD is the best and drive it's


another incomplete website: http://conficere.ch/pds

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