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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Oct 15 23:06:09 CEST 2006

On Sat, 14 Oct 2006, Adrian wrote:

> Maybe i'm just frustrated about my own lack of skill. I was fascinated 
> about projects like pdp, gridflow and especially desiredata. But 
> installing them is a hell for me as a OS X user, and the least i wanna 
> do is search/install for all the necessary things.

Installing those programs on OSX is also a chore for me, but that's mostly 
because I don't use OSX. I really don't have to. However, if you care, you 
could make some effort in talking to OSX users that are trying to make 
those things work. I've just received a mail today, telling me a list of 
fixes to do about OSX for the new makefile system which was introduced 7 
months ago already.

> - Vastly improvement of the webcommunity, very important:
> Except for a very good maillinglist there is no real source for a
> community for pd on the net. The forum at hurleur.com is a joke,

We don't need separate forums other than the mailing-list unless those 
forums have different focuses than the main mailing-list. For example, the 
pdmtl mailing-list is focused on French-speaking and/or Montréal-based 
use of PureData.

(I don't consider web-only forums to be worth anything more than 
email-based forums, in most cases)

> and that the official site is deadland is just sad.

Which official site? Do you mean http://crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.html 
or http://puredata.info/ ? I think that Hans is already making quite a bit 
of effort to maintain the latter... What do you want it to be?

> Furthermore the site needs to be ordered and probably hardly overworked,

"hardly overworked" is almost certainly two bad translations put next to 
each other. (Maybe you should consult a dictionary.)

> there is nothing wrong in making it accesible to as many people as 
> possible by runnig it in plone, but is it nessecary?

You want to prepare the terrain so that in the next email you may suggest 
replacing Plone by your favourite content management system; however 
you're doing a bad job of arguing against Plone, especially because you're 
not arguing against it.

> The people accesing the site now will probably not need that the site is 
> universible compatible with every last browser on this earth and 
> history, etc.

Yeah, like what do you mean by that? Why do you care that the site is too 

> - And last, the documentation:
> Order, Unifying, Improve

If you care, participate. There was a talk about the PureData 
Documentation Project in Bergen, Norway, *today*, by Ben, Alexandre, 
Darsha, Stéphanie and Koray. There are PDDP meetings online as well, 
especially on IRC, but there hasn't been one since last spring if I 
recall correctly.

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