[PD] and it's PR/Marketing, or those

alberto.zin at poste.it alberto.zin at poste.it
Mon Oct 16 18:06:11 CEST 2006


my few words/facts/comments on the subject: 

1) forum & list: yes, there is less activity on the 
forum but still a nice place to dig into. Sometimes you 
can find amazing stuff there ;-)
2) PD "life-form" is the mailing list.
3) The list activity is purely technical for the 80% of 
the mail. To me, I'd like to see more posts with user
creations, arts (something like the Reaktor user library, if
you know it..)  
4) This "too much technical topics" may deconcentrate 
the newbie (at least it was for me the first time I 
subscribed some time ago..) which at the end may want 
to see examples of what can be done with PD before starting
learning it...
5) One can find WONDERFUL examples of PD patches 
around the web (pd webring and other) instead of having a
unique resource. 

On the other side: we cannot blame people that 
do their best for keeping this site alive on a 
voluntary basis (thanks guys!) and I suppose that 
there is no people paid for full-time managing the 
PD.info site like in other commercial cases (who said 
cycling74?  ;-)  
The consequence of this is that it will make the PD 
learning curve a bit steeper but if one is 
seriously motivated at the end he/she'll find his own way...

Just thinking.

All the best,

Alberto Zin


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