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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Oct 16 22:01:10 CEST 2006

Steffen hat gesagt: // Steffen wrote:

> I also know, that things only get done when people voluntarily  
> actually do it (as in any anarchistic environment). Therefor, though  
> i can't promise it, i will see to make a prober proposal for such a  
> change. Much will stay the same, as the present documentation of the  
> Pd scene isn't done by fools, most sertanly the complete opposite,  
> but i think i have quite unspoiled eyes, to see where changes could  
> be to the better, as i have done very little work in Pd and therefor  
> don't know very much.
> Now; would it be welcome?

I think, this is a great idea, and an outside view (spoiled or not ;)
is good to have. 

Everyone who wants to get more involved how the website should look
like and be structured should probably subscribe to the pdweb list: 

Also check out the prior postings there in the archives to get a feel
for what was discussed already. However this may spoil your view, so
feel free to do this later.

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