[PD] pduino/comport w/ arduino freezes keyboard and trackpad on Macbook

David NG McCallum d at mentalfloss.ca
Tue Oct 17 04:59:42 CEST 2006

Drawing too much power might have had something to do with a motor I
was running. But I had no problem with the motor using my own arduino

The situation with mis-wiring the pot was independent of the comport
object freezing my kbd and mouse, though. The kbd and mouse froze when
everything was wired up fine (which worked w/ my own arduino code,
just not with comport).

It's now mysteriously worked, the last time I tried it, but the wiring
was all the same as before. So I have no idea, now that it's not
really reproducible...


On 16/10/06, nick weldin <nick at padarts.idps.co.uk> wrote:
> If drawing to much power from the usb socket is the problem then you
> need to provide power for the arduino either by going through a
> powered hub, or if you are drawing to much power on the arduino to
> run it off usb switch the power jumper over on the board and provide
> power for the electronics on it seperately, rather than drawing it
> from the usb bus.
> Nick
> >Hi HC,
> >
> >I've had the problem of the USB bus being killed because to much power
> >was drawn, but it was because I plugged a pot into the wrong ports.
> ...snip...
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