[PD] patch with composed song

alexandre r. decoupigny alex.decoupigny at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 13:44:03 CEST 2006

i understand your concern. however take into consideration,
that pd stand not in the same line like off the shelf software like reason
or fruity loops. it is developped to offer anybody the opportunity to learn
how to make similar applications.
it gets obvious then, that this does not work instantly. in
a world of instant results and insanely quick development
i feel its a joy to be confronted with something that does not
reveal itself immedeatly. i suggest if you viewed like an instrument it
might satisfy your strong curiosity. you dont learn an instrument in a day,
but you come back to it, because you love what it does to you. however i
have complete understanding for your desire to get something working in pd
and some sound and stuff to play with.
i can strongly recommmend derek's particlechamber. it
is such a wonderful patch/instrument and it helps a great deal
to get into pd.. after 6 months im still trying to understand how he did it
and im nowhere near. still, i love the sound and learn how to use it and
with it grows my knowledge in pd.
one day i might get. i am for sure closer now then i was 6 months ago : )
you can find particlechamber here:

enjoy, best of luck

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