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Christopher Charles chr.m.charles at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 13:34:42 CEST 2006


2006/10/17, Marten Rieger <kali.84 at gmx.net>:
> hi everybody,
> i ask myself if anyone would be so kind to show me a finished composition.
> after learning the tutorials and some published patches i'm kinda confused
> by the many possibilities pure data offers.
> as in programming my way of learning is more like reading through a full
> and finished work instead of learning 1 tiny bit then another tiny bit.
> looking at a full environment with drumstepsequencer (or such), synthie,
> reverb unit and stuff would really boost my learning-curve.

ever looked at netpd?  -> netpd.org
there are some finished sequencers, synths and effects in there and you can
(almost) instantly start to make music on the fly. though it's interface (or
the interfaces of the patches it hosts) is not always perfect and the code
(often hidden deep in the patches) is rather complex and optimized for
net-use, thus not instantly reusable in other patches.

furthermore, you could listen a bit to the pdradio, decide which songs you
like and try to contact their authors asking for patches

also i think that it would be a good idea to include such a 'main'-patch
> into
> the pd-installation so that people new to this great program are instantly
> ready to make music on their machine independent of midi & anything!

hm, i don't think so. pd is very vast and offers lots of possibilities.
including a sequenced music patch into the main distribution might make new
users concieve pd as an environment to create sequenced music. there are too
many uses for pd that they cannot just be demonstrated by a simple "main"
patch. also, if there was a pre-written demonstration patch, new users might
orient their own patches too much along it, in a way this hinders
creativity. the pd documentation gives you nice building blocks, so you can
decide yourself what to make out of it, use them live, sequence them
externally, try to think up your own way of sequencing, etc.

you know, i'm sure there were many people installing pd but not eager enough
> to understand the whole program resulting in the deinstallation.

fine, this keeps the number of annoying noobs down in the pd community ;)

for many people it is too timeconsuming to get to a result where they can
> make music but i think pd should be for anyone also for people who came
> from software like reason or fruity loops.

true indeed. i'd opt for keeping the basic pd distro as it is, but
additionally having a pd-examples package compiled, containing a number of
well-documented well-sorted patches (results of a possible pd-competition?)
with minimum dependencies (patch dependency hell might turn newcomers off,
too) showing off different uses for pd.

the best opensource audio/video software should be used and be usable by

pd *is* usable by everybody. everybody that is willing to invest time to
learn it and experiment with it. having examples to learn with is good, but
one has to be careful not to fall into a copy-paste style of creativity
(although, in the opensource world, there is nothing wrong with that either)

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