[PD] GEM: trying to install it in G4 with 10.3.9

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Oct 18 09:52:28 CEST 2006

Javier García wrote:
> Hello,
> in order to install Gem at a G4 1,5 GHz with 10.3.9, im following the 
> instructions that come in GEM.README.
> I explain my steps:
> - Following the part wich say "do it by hand" i have the next structure:
> Applications\pd\extra\Gem.pd_darwin
> Applications\pd\extra\help-Gem
> Applications\pd\Pd-0.39
> - I have found "Gem.pd_darwin" in "gem-0.90.0-OSX-G4-bin.tar.gz"
> - "help-Gem" is a copy of "help" folder that comes inside of 
> "gem-0.90.0-OSX-G4-bin-doc.tar"
> Then, I launch Pd from the Terminal with this command:
> open Pd-0.39 -lib Gem
> which opens pd, but without any message about Gem.
> I have tried with -verbose but nothing happens
> Some can help me?

the problem _might_ be, that pd ignores the command line arguments (if 
you don't see _anything_ even with "-verbose", then this should be the 
cause); i have no idae how "open" and arguments to the application works.

anyhow, once pd is running, create an object [Gem] and you should see 
you can also add the library-loading via the preferences system to pd's 
startup flags.


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