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Thu Oct 19 02:53:24 CEST 2006

On Thu Oct 19, 2006 at 11:41:41AM +1300, Damian Stewart wrote:
> I'm thoroughly sick of pd's instability around MIDI and video on Windows (I wanted to do my gig this coming tuesday with PD but MIDI using my nice new MIDI controller 
> makes pd crash - which really isn't cool as I'm playing with a band...

it would help if you can provide a backtrace so that these crashes can be diagnosed..

> And I'm also thoroughly sick of trying to make Linux work on my PC laptop. It doesn't, and I don't have the patience to make it.

have you tried Ubuntu Studio, Musix, Studio-to-Go, Studio64, DeMuDi, CCRMA or Dynebolic/PureDyne? these are all linux distrii designed to work out of the box for multimedia and particularly audio

> So I'm going to switch to a mac system

interesting logic, i guess Apple's reality-distortion campaign is working..
especially for open source software, it harder to get things running on OSX vs Linux or a BSD. the install paths are all weird, theres no supreme way to install/manage all packages, and most developers usually only make sure their program compiles and runs on OSX long after it is working well on linux. plus it will perform worse, due to the frankenstein kernel architecture.

as for PD in particular, it mostly is well supported on OSX as far as compilingl/installation/packages, but if Tk is slow, and OSX is slow (they both are), theres not much you can do other than whine..

> So my question is: what does the combination of Jack and PD and an external USB soundcard look like on a MacIntel? In the short term, should I get a MacIntel or a 
> PowerPC?

i'd proably get a macintel and run linux on it. you can always dual boot when you want to run finalcutpro or iJokes

as far as jack, maybe you can find some details on their site/wiki... keep in mind coreadio does most but not all of what jack does. so youre dealing with an extra 3rd party layer to make up for coreaudio's shortcomings, which isnt as streamlined as the situation could be..

i'd also go firewire on the interface, since firewire was designed for high-badwidth streaming-media, and USB was designed for mice and printers

> How about the long term?

who knows, maybe apple wil fix their kernel and open-source OSuX..

> thanks :-)
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