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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Oct 20 06:45:07 CEST 2006

If you want to take ownership over a section of the website, add  
yourself to the pdweb list and make a proposal.  I am sure that you  
would be accepted, the more the merrier.


On Oct 16, 2006, at 6:48 AM, Pete Hindle wrote:

> Okay, so Adrian might not have put his concerns in the best way,  
> but I think that we shouldn't discount what he's saying.
> For instance, the website puredata.info could use some sprucing  
> up.  I don't have any CMS axe to grind, but it would be nice if the  
> front page was less technobabble and more advertisement for PD.  It  
> would also be nice to have the different downloads explained - the  
> download page has links to two different versions, Puckette's .39  
> and extended version .38.4.  If you were new to Pure Data, which  
> one would you go for?  Perhaps you might want some advice on which  
> one to download?
> The puredata.info website does not truly represent what could be  
> done with the internet resources, and injecting a little PR/ 
> marketing would not be a bad thing.  For those not familiar with  
> it, take a look at the Processing.org webpage - another open-source  
> project, with a webpage that really spells out the things that can  
> be done with that language.  For many people - myself included - ,  
> the puredata.info webpage is an important first call as they start  
> to learn PD, and making it more accessible would only benefit the  
> community in the long run.
> Pete
> On 15 Oct 2006, at 22:06, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
>> On Sat, 14 Oct 2006, Adrian wrote:
>>> Maybe i'm just frustrated about my own lack of skill. I was  
>>> fascinated about projects like pdp, gridflow and especially  
>>> desiredata. But installing them is a hell for me as a OS X user,  
>>> and the least i wanna do is search/install for all the necessary  
>>> things.
>> Installing those programs on OSX is also a chore for me, but  
>> that's mostly because I don't use OSX. I really don't have to.  
>> However, if you care, you could make some effort in talking to OSX  
>> users that are trying to make those things work. I've just  
>> received a mail today, telling me a list of fixes to do about OSX  
>> for the new makefile system which was introduced 7 months ago  
>> already.
>>> - Vastly improvement of the webcommunity, very important:
>>> Except for a very good maillinglist there is no real source for a
>>> community for pd on the net. The forum at hurleur.com is a joke,
>> We don't need separate forums other than the mailing-list unless  
>> those forums have different focuses than the main mailing-list.  
>> For example, the pdmtl mailing-list is focused on French-speaking  
>> and/or Montréal-based use of PureData.
>> (I don't consider web-only forums to be worth anything more than  
>> email-based forums, in most cases)
>>> and that the official site is deadland is just sad.
>> Which official site? Do you mean http://crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/ 
>> software.html or http://puredata.info/ ? I think that Hans is  
>> already making quite a bit of effort to maintain the latter...  
>> What do you want it to be?
>>> Furthermore the site needs to be ordered and probably hardly  
>>> overworked,
>> "hardly overworked" is almost certainly two bad translations put  
>> next to each other. (Maybe you should consult a dictionary.)
>>> there is nothing wrong in making it accesible to as many people  
>>> as possible by runnig it in plone, but is it nessecary?
>> You want to prepare the terrain so that in the next email you may  
>> suggest replacing Plone by your favourite content management  
>> system; however you're doing a bad job of arguing against Plone,  
>> especially because you're not arguing against it.
>>> The people accesing the site now will probably not need that the  
>>> site is universible compatible with every last browser on this  
>>> earth and history, etc.
>> Yeah, like what do you mean by that? Why do you care that the site  
>> is too compatible???
>>> - And last, the documentation:
>>> Order, Unifying, Improve
>> If you care, participate. There was a talk about the PureData  
>> Documentation Project in Bergen, Norway, *today*, by Ben,  
>> Alexandre, Darsha, Stéphanie and Koray. There are PDDP meetings  
>> online as well, especially on IRC, but there hasn't been one since  
>> last spring if I recall correctly.
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