[PD] Ergates game-like audiovisual instrument

alberto.zin at poste.it alberto.zin at poste.it
Fri Oct 20 14:20:03 CEST 2006

Hi Chris,

I did some progresses ;-)


>The fonts are in a different directory I think. Maybe they
>didn't check
>out from CVS correctly or something? Can you verify that
>the fonts/
>directory exists and has .ttf files in it? 

No, it's ok.. the fonts are there, (except arial.ttf - which 
you correctly assume that it is already in their place from
the GEM install.)


> I got a lot of error messages from GEM:
>> GL: value not valid
>> error: inlet: expected '' but got 'gem_state'
>That is a weird one. It sounds like something is connected
>to a gem
>object expecting a gemhead but getting something else. What
>does it show
>you if you do "find last error" from the menu?

I suspected that it was my Gem.dll (the error was on
 pix_sig2pix~ in instrument 2). After downloading
gem-0.90.1-NT-i586-bin-doc.zip from the IEM download
area everything is fine with GEM now !

In any case, I still got a PD crash without the 
-noloadbang flag..


Alberto Zin


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