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On Wed, 18 Oct 2006, \js wrote:

> http://uv201.com/Misc_Pages/rca_synthesizer.htm
> mp3s and schematic at bottom of page. schematic looks an awful lot
> like a pd patch ...

Dataflow diagrams are lot more common and a lot older than the ones that 
are executable like LabView/ProGraph/Simulink/Max/PureData. I learned and 
practiced dataflow diagrams in a dumb first-year "software engineering" 
course, but I'm pretty sure that I've seen some before even getting into 

This is not to be confused with controlflow diagrams (which have been 
called by many names), in which an arrow is a GOTO; the latest fashion in 
calling those diagrams is to say Finite-State Machine, or FSM, but I 
believe that this FSM should be a backronym for Flying Spaghetti Monster, 
which is a much more representative name for those diagrams.

In a dataflow diagram, the arrow always means either one thread talking to 
another via some pipe, or a function-call that does not return a value. Pd 
messages are like the latter.

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