[PD] to gui or to nogui

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Sat Oct 21 22:47:02 CEST 2006

Mathieu Bouchard a écrit :
> you'll do something like:
> pd-server -port 12345
> pd-client -port 12345
> pd-client -port 12345
> ...
> with as many clients as you want, and the ability to add more and 
> remove them at runtime. 
Excellent, so it would be possible to control one pd-server with as many 
graphical interfaces we want.
If the state of a patch on the server has been modified from one client, 
how the graphical data are updated,
on another client?
 It might be possible to do something like that with using rradical and 
several instances of pd,
one server with -nogui, a main client, and as many clients as I need for 
different graphical interfaces,
all communicating, with OSCx protocol.
 Thanks for the useful informations,

> DesireData has client-side selection/clipboard/undo mostly because it 
> would help with the multiple clients (among other reasons).
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