[PD] PD and MacIntel

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Mon Oct 23 22:21:54 CEST 2006

On 22/10/2006, at 18.02, chris clepper wrote:

> I use the Tcl/Tk included with 10.4 on all Intel machines.  So far  
> it works.

As i'm in the process of useing Fink to install the needed deps to  
build Pd-extended i noticed a few things i'd like to ask about.

The fist is related to the Tcl/Tk "issue". Useing Fink it happens  
that Tcl/Tk [1] is a dependency for the fftw3 packages. Using the  
unstable tree, gives a Tcl/Tk of version 8.4.13. Now, will then that  
version of Tcl/Tk be used instead of the version supplied by Apple.

Another dependency is the packaged called odcctools [2]. I don't  
understand why. I know the info page say it is to "support gcc4", but  
then why does it/Fink also install (yet another version of) GCC? I  
don't understand it especially since there is already a version of  
GCC installed with the XCode Tool, which was used to re-build Fink.

[1] http://pdb.finkproject.org/pdb/package.php/tcltk
[2] http://pdb.finkproject.org/pdb/package.php/odcctools

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