[PD] PD and MacIntel

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Tue Oct 24 00:06:37 CEST 2006

On 23/10/2006, at 22.51, james tittle wrote:

> On Oct 23, 2006, at 4:21 PM, Steffen wrote:
>> As i'm in the process of useing Fink to install the needed deps to  
>> build Pd-extended i noticed a few things i'd like to ask about.
>> The fist is related to the Tcl/Tk "issue". Useing Fink it happens  
>> that Tcl/Tk [1] is a dependency for the fftw3 packages. Using the  
>> unstable tree, gives a Tcl/Tk of version 8.4.13. Now, will then  
>> that version of Tcl/Tk be used instead of the version supplied by  
>> Apple.
> ...this won't conflict with the apple/aqua tcl/tk:  the fink one is  
> different (ie. works thru x11)...fink does use tcl to do some of  
> it's package handling...

Ah, ok. Thanks.

>> Another dependency is the packaged called odcctools [2]. I don't  
>> understand why. I know the info page say it is to "support gcc4",  
>> but then why does it/Fink also install (yet another version of)  
>> GCC? I don't understand it especially since there is already a  
>> version of GCC installed with the XCode Tool, which was used to re- 
>> build Fink.
> ...XCode by default only installs one gcc version, but it's useful  
> to have multiple versions around, especially when trying to compile  
> software that may require a specific compiler version to  
> compile...ya might want to read up on fink:  it installs many  
> things which you may not directly need, but that the package  
> maintainer needs to provide the programs you do want...it all goes  
> into /sw anyway, so if you decide you don't like it, just delete...

XCode gave me both gcc-3.3 and gcc-4, thats reason one why i  
wondered. reason two being that Fink didn't tell that gcc was a  
dependency. Well, maybe i overlook something, and evry thing was  

Anyways, there might be more i don't understand about Fink. One thing  
being why there is no tool to look up what packages that has a given  
other package as a dependency. (i miss Portage for that reason.)  
Another being that the show-deps option doesn't (have an option to)  
recursively look up all dependencies for a given packages - eliminate  
frustration one. I know i bark up the wrong tree, sorry. I thank very  
much for the information.

Best, Steffen

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