[PD] a few beginner's questions

robbert van hulzen robbert at performers.net
Tue Oct 24 04:08:04 CEST 2006

and yes oh yes, that did the trick! thanks a lot for that one, mike.
it also solved my stripdir & ftos questions (see "samplemapper?" post). just
wondering: does anyone know why some of these objects were not included in
the latest (?) pd-ext distro?

On 10/23/06 1:52 PM, "Mike McGonagle" <mjmogo at gmail.com> wrote:

> I will take a stab at this, and guess what you need to do here is
> (right-click or option click) on the PureData Application, and then
> select "Show Package Contents" from the menu. This will open the
> Application as a folder, and allow you to see/modify what is in the
> package. The files that you should be looking for (to get pan~ back,
> if it isn't depreciated) would be in the Resources/extras folder. This
> Resources folder takes the place of the usually Unix-like install
> directory structure.

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