[PD] Modular Switching/Matrix

Greg Surges surgesg at ameritech.net
Tue Oct 24 05:08:34 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm a music composition/technology major at the University of 
Wisconsin-Milwaukee, currently taking a course in PD, and also studying 
it in private lessons. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with 
matrix-type switching, i.e. a modular system in which any module can 
connect to any other module in any order. I'm especially concerned with 
expandability, in my current layout, if I have n objects, I have to have 
n-squared switches. Above a certain number, adding a module could become 
very time-consuming.

I'm curious about using an array with stored coordinates. I also need 
the ability for the system to allow recursive patching. I'd really 
appreciate it if anyone has any insight into this problem and could 
possibly shine some light towards a solution.



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