[PD] samplemapper?

robbert van hulzen robbert at performers.net
Tue Oct 24 21:43:57 CEST 2006

On 10/24/06 5:14 AM, "derek holzer" <derek at x-i.net> wrote:

> In the [ex-sampler] abstraction included, open up the [pd
> main_selector] subpatch. Inside there you will see the mechanism which
> outputs two things: a "$1-zample" message which you can use to tell
> [tabread4~] which of the tables to read,

that's set by the [samplemapper], isn't it? isn't this related to the coll
.txt? or do i have to specify things there myself?

> and the length of the sound in
> samples, which you can use to control playback.

given by the zample-size in [pd selector], isn't it?
if i'm correct, these things are specified as soon as i load my samples into
the [samplemapper]?
i do get sound (test with [osc~], toggle and gain are as they should be.
i still sometimes get the message that (x)-zample is multiply defined. also,
i once had succes in getting the sounds to play back: by selecting them, and
than banging them by clicking the toggle to on. just sending the number
value (of course with toggle value 1) didn't do anything. after closing and
reopening the patch, without changing anything, the toggle didn't do
anything anymore either: no sound at all, while [osc~] always works.
i don't have time to keep trying right now, i'll let you know when i figure
out more. if you have any ideas, i'd love to hear.
cheers, robbert

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