[PD] a few beginner's questions

robbert van hulzen robbert at performers.net
Wed Oct 25 04:18:33 CEST 2006

thanks mike--for now i'll just stick with the .xml, seems to be working and
i don't have to figure out how to write a pref file.
cheers, robbert

On 10/24/06 12:48 PM, "Mike McGonagle" <mjmogo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Robbert,
> You won't be able to see a "." (dot file, files whose names begin with
> a period) because the system hides them from users. This is also a
> file that you need to create on your own, as PD does not create one by
> default. In creating one of these files you can type the following:
> terminal_prompt> echo > .pdrc
> terminal_prompt> open -a XCode .pdrc
> the first line (typing everything AFTER the 'terminal_prompt>') will
> create a new file named '.pdrc'. Be sure that you are working from
> your home directory as that is where PD expects to find this. The
> second line will open the file in XCode. I don't know of any other way
> to open these files on the Mac, as these sorts of things are
> considered to be Unix configuration files, and as such, and hidden
> from the user. Also, note, that on subsequent editings of this file,
> make sure that you do not re-enter the first line, as this will
> overwrite what is already there.
> As far as the XML configuration files, I have stuck with using the
> .pdrc file, but I have heard that this method will be depreciated (is
> that true?), so I wonder if you should stick to learning the XML
> method.
> Mike

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