[PD] PD and MacIntel

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Oct 27 06:07:54 CEST 2006

On Oct 25, 2006, at 9:44 AM, Steffen wrote:

> On 23/10/2006, at 22.21, Steffen wrote:
>> On 22/10/2006, at 18.02, chris clepper wrote:
>>> I use the Tcl/Tk included with 10.4 on all Intel machines.  So  
>>> far it works.
>> As i'm in the process of useing Fink to install the needed deps to  
>> build Pd-extended [...]
> I've finishing installing the deps for Pd-Extended that Fink  
> offers. I didn't install liblo0, liblo0-shlibs, ladspa, ladspa-cmt,  
> ladspa-dev as there aren't a intel version for all of them and as  
> the wiki tells me they are not needed yet, but other then that i've  
> followed the wiki. - Though i don't understand how the rsync way of  
> getting the code fits with the "Directory Layout for Developers",  
> so i skipped that.

liblo0, liblo0-shlibs, ladspa, ladspa-cmt, ladspa-dev are currently  

> As I use the buld in Tcl/Tk that comes with OS X, i had to make  
> some changes to packages/Makefile - thanks to dpro and matju that  
> helped locating the problem on irc. It shows that the Makefile in  
> the devsymlinks section looks for all thinks related to Tcl/Tk in / 
> Library/Frameworks/, however they are (on my system 10.4.8) in / 
> System/Library/Frameworks/. Hence i made the appropriate changes to  
> the Makefile in order to complete the 'make devsymlinks' part of  
> the checkout script.
> The 'make patch_pd' part was no problem. But the 'make install'  
> part didn't complete. The build gave a bunch of error. The first  
> few being:
> s_midi_pm.c:22:22: error: portmidi.h: No such file or directory
> s_midi_pm.c:23:22: error: porttime.h: No such file or directory
> s_midi_pm.c:24:24: error: pminternal.h: No such file or directory
> The rest is in the attached file. Note that the (code-)branch is v  
> 0.39.2.
> Any suggestion on what to do next to complete the task?

Yeah, this is because Miller didn't check in all of the needed files  
back then.  They are in CVS now.  So basically, you need to do this:

cd pure-data/pd
rm -rf port*
cvs checkout -D 2006-04-01 portaudio portmidi

That will check out the version that I am using for Pd-extended.



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