[PD] dataflow in CommonLISP

David O'Toole dto at gnu.org
Fri Oct 27 11:14:23 CEST 2006

Hi all, this is the aforementioned "dto" :-)

CL-FRAME and Soundframe have only been under development for a short
time, and the bridge to Snd-RT doesn't quite work yet (but stands a
chance of making some bleeps later today, as I am planning to hack
heavily on it.)

Yes, it is inspired by both Pure Data and Emacs, whose UI's I really
like. The idea is to make a Pd-ish experience happen on top of the
CCRMA Lispworld, and allow people to write UI extensions / audio
abstractions in Common Lisp---augmenting the visual language with
things like higher-order abstractions (abstractions that write
abstractions) and all sorts of wacky stuff.

It isn't terribly exciting to use right now, and there is no example
file to play with, but give me a week or so and peek again...

Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca> writes:

> DTO visits the #dataflow channel (IRC) once in a while and just wrote
> this program in CommonLISP using the CLX library (really) which looks
> kinda like PureData and Emacs at once (really).
> Here's the page:
>   http://dto.freeshell.org/notebook/ClFrame.html
> Download the program:
>   http://dto.freeshell.org/e/cl-frame.lisp (48k)
> (PS: I haven't tried this program yet.)
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