[PD] trying to compile flext on windows [solved]

Yvan Vander Sanden yvan at youngmusic.org
Sun Oct 29 11:28:53 CET 2006

Thomas Grill wrote:

> Hi Yvan,
> that version actually works for me.... have you got the separately 
> downloadable platform sdk installed?
> greetings,
> Thomas
Just for reference, i thought i'd explain the solution to the list.

The platform sdk was installed on my system. But I (also) needed the 
microsoft.NET Framework SDK version 2.0. I only had the runtime version 
installed. Then I needed to run the command prompt provided by the 
Framework or execute sdkvars.bat from the directory Microsoft Visual 
Studio 8/SDK/v2.0/Bin. If I run vcvars32.bat, like suggested in the 
build.txt file that comes with flext, I still get the same error.

Maybe it would be good to mention the sdkvars.bat thing in the build.txt 


yvan vander sanden

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