[PD] PD and MacIntel

Kuno Woudt warp at frob.nl
Sun Oct 29 18:01:28 CET 2006


I'm new to the list, so.. er... Hello Everyone!

I also tried building pd-extended for my intel macbook about a week ago
and had the same problem as Kilian Koepsell -- the compiled pd wouldn't
open a new window.

I'll have another go at it next weekend, hopefully I will have more luck
with some of the suggestions which have already been made in this

A slightly related question though:

I installed Mac OS X on a case-sensitive file-system, which is perhaps
a silly thing to do -- but at the time I did not know that that isn't
the default.  So, I had to do fix a lot of references to header files
which don't exist (e.g. <Quicktime/quicktime.h> should be
<QuickTime/QuickTime.h>, ec...).  Are those considered bugs?  If so,
where do I submit bug fixes?

-- warp.

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