[PD] PD and MacIntel

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun Oct 29 22:20:56 CET 2006

On Oct 29, 2006, at 7:28 AM, Steffen wrote:

> On 29/10/2006, at 2.34, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> I think that Intel and PowerPC should ultimately be on the same  
>> page, since 95% of it is probably the same.  The idea is to take  
>> the content from /docs/developer/darwin and put it into this wiki  
>> page, then redirect it to the wiki page.
> Yes, i see your point, i agree.
> What i'd like to see in such a page is a table describing what libs  
> (ie. Fink packages) a given external depend on. I mean, that would  
> indeed please the curious reader/user.

Sounds good, perhaps a wiki page for that?  Usually, its a question  
of who does the work to keep it up to date, hopefully being a wiki  
will help with that.


> Also such information could be used in the hypothetical situation  
> where a user wouldn't want to do a complete pd-extended build, but  
> rather a subset - that is, with only a subset of the externals  
> included.

Yeah, I think we should have that ability.  I think the best way to  
achieve that is with a autoconf/configure.  Then it would  
automatically find dependencies and build what it can considering.   
Its just a matter of someone doing the work.



"[W]e have invented the technology to eliminate scarcity, but we are  
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