[PD] PD and MacIntel

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Oct 30 08:23:40 CET 2006

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> PDP and PiDiP use libquicktime, Gem uses Apple QuickTime on Mac OS X and 
> libquicktime on GNU/Linux.

just for clarification:
libquicktime (formerly quicktime4linux) and apple's QuickTime are 2 
completely different things (from a programming point of view; in 
userland, both are dealing with en/decoding of .mov video files); 
libquicktime IS NOT a free implementation of QuickTime, you cannot 
exchange the headers.
therefore, QuickTime/QuickTime.h and quicktime/quicktime.h (which - btw 
- doesn't exist any more, but instead is now called lqt/quicktime.h) 
must not be mixed (though chances are high that yuo would mix them on 
case-insensitive filesystems).

all in all: using <Quicktime/quicktime.h> is almost certainly a bug (it 
neither refers to apple's quicktime nor to libquicktime).

imho, case-insensitive include-directives are a bug (probably, even ntfs 
will become case sensitive one glorious day...)

i would be thankful for a list of affected files.


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