[PD] How can I get Cyclone.dll??

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Oct 31 10:56:04 CET 2006

dear hugo.

Ramirez Hugo Francisco wrote:
> Pd fellows.
> I am trying to get the cyclone library, (cyclone.dll).

so i guess you are on windows? or are you using the .dll extension just
as a synonym for any dynamically linked library? (on linux libraries
have a .pd_linux extension; on os-x the extension is .pd_darwin; this is
likely to change on the long run for _all_ platforms (even w32!))

you will get better help if you provide better information.
your operating system is a crucial information if you don't want to
compile things yourself. (and it is important information in most other

> for pd 0.40
> How, where, can I get it.

hans has already answered this, but it seems you missed his mail:
cyclone is part of the pd-extended builds. while there are not yet any
pd-extended-0.40.1 builds, i would go and try to download any recent
version of pd-extended, unzip it, locate the cyclone.dll and copy it to
your version of pd. this might work (or not), but you could give it a try.

> Please give extense instructions on how to do it.
> I need the library as soon as possible.
> I am runnign out of time.
> S.O.S

instead of whining, you could also try to google "cyclone pd" and see
whether you find a download page (at least i did; but i haven't tested
whether the version there will work with pd-0.40.1 (or works at all, to
be precise...)).

> good vibes

love and happiness

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