[PD] How can I get Cyclone.dll??

David Powers cyborgk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 15:45:34 CET 2006

Good luck - I've never gotten cyclone.dll to work reliably, from Hans'
extended patch. It is somehow "broken" in a very weird way - ie.
cyclone objects disappear out of patches after they are saved and
reopened, even though the objects seemed just fine when they are

Sometimes, also, the box around the object disappears (after object
creation), leaving just the text for the object. Then instead of an
object, you will end up with just a text comment. However, it's NOT a
normal broken object - there is no "dotted box" around the text, it
literally turns into a text comment.

So I would be somewhat worried that you might be out of luck. Offhand,
I would guess that cyclone was meant to run more on a Mac, than on


On 10/31/06, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:
> dear hugo.
> Ramirez Hugo Francisco wrote:
> > Pd fellows.
> > I am trying to get the cyclone library, (cyclone.dll).
> so i guess you are on windows? or are you using the .dll extension just
> as a synonym for any dynamically linked library? (on linux libraries
> have a .pd_linux extension; on os-x the extension is .pd_darwin; this is
> likely to change on the long run for _all_ platforms (even w32!))
> you will get better help if you provide better information.
> your operating system is a crucial information if you don't want to
> compile things yourself. (and it is important information in most other
> cases)
> > for pd 0.40
> > How, where, can I get it.
> hans has already answered this, but it seems you missed his mail:
> cyclone is part of the pd-extended builds. while there are not yet any
> pd-extended-0.40.1 builds, i would go and try to download any recent
> version of pd-extended, unzip it, locate the cyclone.dll and copy it to
> your version of pd. this might work (or not), but you could give it a try.
> > Please give extense instructions on how to do it.
> > I need the library as soon as possible.
> > I am runnign out of time.
> > S.O.S
> instead of whining, you could also try to google "cyclone pd" and see
> whether you find a download page (at least i did; but i haven't tested
> whether the version there will work with pd-0.40.1 (or works at all, to
> be precise...)).
> > good vibes
> love and happiness
> mfga.sdr
> IOhannes
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