[PD] control signal sample speed

Þurstan Skallagrimsson thurstan666 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 31 18:22:47 CET 2006

In a project I am working on I am using a [bp~] to mimic a helmholtz 
resonator. The difficult part is that this cilinder I am modeling is 
constantly changing its volume, thereby changing its resonant frequency and 

This works well at lower speeds but the trouble is that the cycles go up to 
once every 30 milliseconds. This means that the frequency and Q go up and 
down again 33 times per second. Long before these frequencies this setup 
tends to explode and create feedback.

My thoughts about my problem tend to point at the Nyquist frequency of 
control signal sample time. Is this true and can I change the sampling speed 
of control signals? Of course I thought about sending the data in audio 
signal but [bp~] does not accept that of course.

Is there another filter out there that I can control with audio signals if I 
cannot change the control signal sample speed?

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