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Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Tue Jan 2 13:04:50 CET 2007

Hi all,
i should have recommended the performance of Beethoven's 9th by the  
Wiener Symphoniker in the Konzerthaus yesterday, but i couldn't know  
that i would be that incredible. I hope you have seen/heard it.
Anyway, there are couple of interesting concerts within the next days  
if you are interested in improvised music:

Today, 02.01. 19h, Alte Schmiede: Wolfgang Mitterer (electronics) and  
Wolfgang Reisinger (drums/percussion)... two excellent improvisers in  
a classical dialogic constellation... very much recommended - i will  
be there and i'm also open for a beer afterwards. I wonder how we can  
recognize each other - as a resort you can ask the musicians to point  
at me.

03.01. 19h, Alte Schmiede: Wolfgang Reisinger, Klaus Dickbauer (sax),  
John Schröder (guitar)
04.01. 19h, Alte Schmiede: ReformARTunit .... some real classical  
free jazz by a group existing for about 40 years

http://www.alte-schmiede.at, 1st district, close to Stefansplatz,  
always free admission

06.01. 19:30h, Krongasse 11, 1050 Wien: USE, studio concert.
Structured improvisation by Katharina Klement (prepared piano),  
Hermann Stangassinger (double bass), Hannes Schweiger (percussion).  
Also very much recommended, i'll be there too.

> Low Frequency Orchestra (LFO) on jan 10th at Radiokulturhaus.

that's also very much recommended (http://lfo.at), i'll be there too.  
It will start at 19:30.
Small correction: the title will be "LFO and Wolfgang Mitterer - some  
like it soft", with Mitterer playing the large concert organ of the  
Also streamed in the net: http://radiokulturhaus.orf.at/highlights/ 

see you!

Thomas Grill

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