[PD] piano samples

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Wed Jan 3 15:52:14 CET 2007

Hallo Ypatios!

> I only found some soundfonts on the Internet. Does anyone know a way to 
> extract the samples from a soundfont?
hm ... don't know ...

But there is also the fluidsynth external for pd (it's called fluid, by 
frank barknecht) with that you can play the soundfonts in pd.

And here some free soundfonts:

1) WST25FStein_00Sep22.SF2
 > > Free and quite natural-sounding to my ears,
 > > from http://www.pianosounds.com/freesoundfont.htm
 > >
 > > 2) TrachtmanSteinC_XFade2_2001Aug16.sf2
 > > $5 US, by far the most "hi-fi" of the three, but a bit
 > > bright for my taste, also it's recorded a bit lower so you'll need
 > > to increase the output volume.
 > > from http://www.pianosounds.com/
 > >
 > > 3) NS_Piano.sf2
 > > Free, has pleasant tone, if a bit lacking in the bass and treble;
 > > also the stereo image is very narrow, almost mono.
 > > the creator describes it as "a natural, woody, mellow sounding
 > > piano", from http://www.naturalstudio.co.uk/ns_piano.html

(from the linux audio list - there was a quite similar thread in december !)


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