[PD] glitch when using switch~ to apply fx

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Fri Jan 5 00:53:55 CET 2007

On Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 06:39:45PM -0500, patrick wrote:
> hi,
> here's a patch that use switch~ to turn off/on an effect. using switch~ will save some cpu when the effect is turn off right? so that is good, but the thing is i have a glitch when switching...

06:29         c how do you keep the voices from using CPU when not in use? turn off their abstractions with block~ ? doesnt that cause a dropout as the dsp graph is resorted?
06:29    tim167 c: [switch~]
06:29         c yeah that
06:30         c nothing like pushing core deficiencies up into user level hacks
06:30         c i remeber rigging up a polysynth using switch, and it woul get blips, it hink
06:30 ClaudiusM c: i think switch~ just turns off processing for that abstraction, meaning the input buffers still get filled, the outlet buffers still get read, but nothing gets changed
06:31 ClaudiusM c: which means you have to have zero for a whole block before switching off or you get high pitched noise...
06:32 ClaudiusM c: .. on the other hand no dsp chain sorting issues   (NB: i could be talking out of my arse, i just absorb from pd-list and pd-dev, i haven't read the source)

so uh... try zeroing the DSP block, or leaving a block of headroom? or is it causing everything else to glitch too. if thats the case, you probably can't avoid it

> a way to avoid this?

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