[PD] text files, character mapping, PD & GEM Text

timon timon at sosolimited.com
Fri Jan 5 12:44:23 CET 2007

Hi, just thought Id share this.

Ive been faffing around some time to get the correct character  
mapping from a loaded text file into GEM text objects. Im on OSX so  
this might not be applicable on other platforms. Anyway, a UTF-8  
formatted text file will give the right character mapping into pd  
(even japaneese characters). Sadly they wont map correctly into GEM  
text objects, only the basic ascii. A Windows Latin 1 (1252)   
formatted text file (with its limited 256 characters) gives the right  
character map into PD and GEM text objects.

What I found particularly confusing is that special characters such  
as Ü or Æ from the UTF-8 format file displayed correctly in PD, but  
would not map correctly in GEM. The same characters, Ü and Æ, from  
the Windows Latin 1 format file showed the same characters in PD  
while mapping them correctly in GEM.

So, in case anyone else have been stuck with this.

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