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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Jan 6 15:41:16 CET 2007

On Sat, 6 Jan 2007, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> On Jan 6, 2007, at 1:44 AM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
>> Those classes are better explained as a group because half of 
>> them are opposite of the other half and each pair of opposites shares some 
>> behaviour with another pair. e.g. I can organise those in a grid like
>> [ctlin]  [notein]
>> [ctlout] [noteout]
> No one said anything about ignoring other objects.  You should any other 
> object to make good examples, that's the important part.  And each help 
> file should highlight the object in question and the specifics of that 
> object.

But none of those four classes in my example have anything really specific 
about them. Put in a different way, everything specific about one of them 
is found in another of the four classes. If you want to document 
individual inlets and individual outlets, you'll find what looks like an 
individual difference, but are we there to explain all inlets and outlets 
one by one, or are we there to explain how the data flows?

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