[PD] Re: pd music

m.weiss weiss at weiss-archiv.de
Mon Jan 8 21:37:32 CET 2007

i didnt expect that resonance
i dont know where to begin
first all tracks are done with a 233mhz win32 machine
with emagic logic
so nothing is synthesized in realtime
ive made the sounds with vst-plugins, pdvst and
pd standalone, put the files into logic and began
to build regions, so you can say a cut and copy compilation
mostly worked at the sounds with very simple solutions
like rounding- and math-functions, pitchtracking and
a patch called "slicer" from forum für umlaute i guess
ive burned some sounds on cd and skipped it
it happens that from a sound a sound is done and again from
this one and so on
and at the end theres no "original sound" but only "variables of sound"
that workaround was not very intuitiv
so im working on a gop-system within pd to make things easier
ive lost much time in building an arrangement-modul with all comfortable
things like copy and paste, and selction mechanisms
but this wasnt satisfied enough
now im using logic for the arrangement-part and pd for the synthesis
on a new machine of course
and maybe there will be a new cd this year and
an own music-label?????
greets from nürnberg

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