[PD] GL: invalid enumeration error

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jan 9 13:35:50 CET 2007

nward04 at qub.ac.uk wrote:
> gem cvs 20060914 w32 was throwing up that error here using the pix_film
> help patch. The error came up when rendering was switched on and the
> video did not render. Going back to gem 0.9 (probably nt not sure)
> solved the problem. 

just to clarify something:
the gl error message does not appear in gem-0.90, because there simply
was no check done, whether such error occured.
this does not mean that the error was not there, gem just didn't say so.

another sidenote: i doubt whether gem-0.9 ran on xp/nt; i cannot
remember such low version number; chances are high that this was a gem
which would only run with max/fts on irix machines.
the "current" release number of gem is 0.90 (the release-number is not a
decimal number but 2 numbers separated by period)

> On 4 Jan 2007, at 22:27, Patco wrote:
>> chris clepper a écrit :
>>> But does rendering work?  That GL error is not specific and many
>>> errors do not cause any problems with rendering.
>> Here is a patch where the rendering is erroneous, I can't find out
>> where the error comes from.
>> PC.

>> #N canvas 491 -1 518 610 10;
>> #X declare -lib e:/pd39/extra/Gem;
>> #X declare -lib e:/pd39/extra/zexy;
>> #X declare -lib e:/pd39/extra/gem_counter;
>> #X declare -lib e:/pd39/extra/widget;
>> #X declare -path e:/pd39/doc/5.reference/toxy/;

i would love to test. but is "buf" part of widget or toxy? (i don't want
to install pd-extended just to make your patch run; and i don't have
this object on my machine)


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