[PD] Graz DVD aka rel01

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Tue Jan 9 21:49:35 CET 2007

This is embarrassing for me. I didn't test very well before posting  
that email: When i play it on my computer there indeed is sound  
(while plying it on the standalone dvd-player i have in reach there  
wasn't). I apologize very much!

I'm watching it now (that is, i just paused it), it's great. Thanks  
for making this.

On 09/01/2007, at 20.12, Jerome Tuncer wrote:

> Even better would have been some kind of subtitle to know who says/ 
> thinks what...

I was thinking that too, but later realized that it might be a social  
"contract" with those who participate in the video, i.e. they might  
not (all) want to link their real person with their virtual person.

Best, Steffen

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